You need to share the Recaptcha v2 solution with someone else. I know how to do this through solution services, like rucaptcha or anticaptcha, but I need my own solution.

I tried to simply copy the necessary iframe to my own domain, but the recaptcha itself has a domain check, so it won't work on another domain. Has anyone come across this problem, please advise.

services dealing with captcha solutions usually have detailed instructions on what and how they need to transfer. I suppose that the same scheme is suitable for "transfer" to any other person. Moreover, if there are tasks there, then they will be different, the result is substituted by the method of substituting the identifiers of various

Gena Moroz2022-02-15 05:18:14

Yes. I read the instructions, I can take the necessary parameter. The only problem is how to restore the same captcha. Because the service only describes the necessary parameters for transmission. And the other person does not have an algorithm for recovering this captcha (

Egor2022-02-14 10:33:39