There is a binary in hex decimal if I'm not mistaken -2F7DDB1F64BAB25C330AC022E9CA71C3DDC54AF9F01ADE8901275787E55C2EAA Help me decipher it and tell me how it is possible.

Thanks in advance!

Split by two characters and look at the ascii table. For example 2F is /

Alexey Ten2022-02-15 08:21:12

Unfortunately, something like this comes out -"o\\Aw\xd6Ckw\x1b\xf2m~iC\n\xc5\xdd\xc5J\xf9\xf0"

Alex Mixayelovich Sokolov2022-02-14 13:22:58

And who promised you that there would be something readable?

Alexey Ten2022-02-14 13:25:02