I'm developing a hybrid app with Monaca and I'm interested in WebVR and studying VR using A-frame, but I put A-Frame operation into the OnsenUI page, I don't know how to switch between normal page and VR screen.

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I jumped from main.html to page2.html with ng-click and tried to describe the A-Frame source in page2.html, but nothing was displayed.

I thought that the method of specifying page2.html in ng-click was wrong, but it was displayed when describing ons-toolbar in page2, so the display has changed to page2.html.

information:(language/FW/tool version etc.)

I'm not familiar with Monaca because it's still shallow and I don't know much about programming, but it may not be possible to use OnsenUI and A-frame together. I would be happy if you could tell me.

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    <Added 2017/3/6>
    I'm sorry. It may be possible because there is the following information due to my lack of understanding.

    Is it confirmed that there are no errors displayed when running with Monaca debugger? If not, please check once.

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    From the conclusion, the combination is probably impossible. There seems to be such a plug-in instead, so it may be available here.

    Monaca is created based on the Cordova mobile application development framework. Cordova is simply a screen in HTML, coding in a language similar to web development, which is processed with JavaScript, It is converted as coding that works on iPhone, etc., and it automatically builds the application.
    This is a very wonderful idea, so it has been a topic recently.
    However, the point here is that Cordova only converts what was coded in the same language as web development into various applications, and what is normal web development? It is a different thing.

    OnsenUI is an HTML extension provided by Monaca (Asia Co., Ltd.). It is now possible to create beautifully designed apps even if you are not familiar with the design.
    OnsenUI is an extension of HTML, but AngularJS, which seems to be already used, is a JavaScript extension provided by Google.
    Similarly, Cordova is open source, so various extension plug-ins are available from various developers. For example, display a calendar or get various events on the software keyboard.

    I'll return here, but when I looked into A-Frame, it looked like a web development framework, and it seems to be premised on browser operation. As mentioned above, Web development and Cordova development are different, so I think this is probably not available for Cordova development.
    Cordova-vr-player introduced at the beginning has not confirmed the details at all, but it seems to be a VR plug-in in Cordova, so it may be available for Cordova development here.