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I want to know the API to get users who are muted.
Also, if possible, I want to know the API that gets users who are blocking me.

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TweetDeck found an article that shows users who have muted their,
This looks interesting! I thought about embedding it in my client.
I can't find the API.

Find Twitter official API page

(1) POST mutes/users/create

(2) POST mutes/users/destroy

(3) GET mutes/users/ids
Get the ID of the user who is muted by myself

(4) GET mutes/users/list
Get a list of users who are muted by themselves

completes the mute API.
Where can I find the mute API ...?

You won't come out with "twitterapi mute me" or "twitterapi mute me" ...

If i know anyone, please teach me.