I am creating something like Google Street View using A-Frame.
Images (buttons) and text are also placed in the space, but it takes time and effort because the coordinate values ​​are placed manually. So, can it be easier if you can get the coordinates by operating the mouse from the camera viewpoint? I think. I've done a lot of research and found it difficult to achieve the results I expected. I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

・ A-Frame Inspector ← Not a camera perspective
・ Aframe-click-drag-component ← It doesn't work even if you fill in as Installation.


The development environment is described with the ATOM editor and checked with the Preview HTML package.
A local server is set up.

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    It's an interesting framework.

    I don't know the depth even if I click with the mouse ...
    ctrl + alt + i
    Will open the Visual Inspector here
    It seems that coordinates can be examined by double-clicking an already placed object,
    What do you think.

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